Shaft Closure BL/SAP

Article Index: 160, 161, 170, 171

Universal implementation

  • Heavy design

  • round, one-piece form

  • permanent inset

Dimensions (Special dimensions upon request)
Article Index:
160 (NS), 170 (ES)
161 (NS), 171 (ES)
approx. Ø 480–530 mm
approx. Ø 580–630 mm
approx. 15–25 kg

Suitable for crack-free circular channel inflow, overflow or installation shafts. For horizontal or vertical installation.

The closure element features a massive one-piece steel plate and an adapted counter ring. A special round seal with a circular cross-section is inserted between the base plate and the counter ring. After placing into the shaft, the base plate and the counter ring are bolted against each other. The seal presses itself against the outer perimeter and thus closes the shaft off safely and tightly.

The system is easily removed for inspection work, etc. The seal is to be renewed.

The barrier body consists generally of superior-alloy steel, unpainted for implementation in interior and exterior areas. The special design - normal steel, primed, painted or powder coated - is only recommended for dry interior areas.