BLOBEL Umwelttechnik GmbH was founded by Joachim and Gabriele Blobel in 1991.Today we are the oldest company in the field of sprinkler water containment systems under the same management. We have the biggest market share.

In the course of our international orientation, the expansion to BLOBEL LLC in 2006 and BLOBEL Spill and Flood Barrier LTD in 2015 by Norbert Blobel, was a logical move. In the meantime our systems have been installed on all the continents – except the Antarctic.

With our Bases in North America as well as in the Asia Pacific, we can provide our clients tailor made solutions to accommodate their needs.

Our brand stands for individual solutions to complex requirements, reliable engineering services and the highest quality. Safety in the service of mankind and the environment without any compromises is our aim.


Our Mission

BLOBEL prides itself for keeping in line with market requirements and for finding optimal solutions to the most complicated of demands. BLOBEL is always ready to integrate the traditional with the new.

Even if the association of newly developed technologies with traditional engineering is not always in line with common perceptions, its feasibility is proven time and again by our extensive experience and ongoing success.


Our Vision

Company Goal

Clean Water – the gold of the future – a global matter

  • Worldwide prosperity calls for environmental protection through the use of sophisticated technology.

  • It is our aim to protect the environment especially the planets water from pollutants and contaminants.

  • Our creative and imaginative spirit aims for uncompromising safety and sets market standards.

Our Team

Norbert Blobel
Paola Ruiz
Sales Manager/Marketing
Central & Latin America

Larry Weng

Application / Sales Engineer

N. America
Our Customers